Weird, wonderful beers and their celebratory festivals around the world!

St Patrick’s Day is upon us and one of the first things that springs to mind is Guinness. We thought this was a great opportunity to look into the world of beer and see what delicacies are available in other countries, some that we’d love to try, and others we would perhaps give a miss.   

More and more breweries are doing something really unique to get noticed. The world’s most potent beer is Snake Venom from Brewmeister. A 67.5% alcohol content, stronger than many hard liquors and it even comes with its own warning sticker! 

snake venom beer.png

Beer pre-digested by elephants- yes that’s right. Not the entire beer itself, actually just the coffee beans involved in the brewing process. Coffee beans used in Black Ivory coffee are digested by elephants before use to bring out the best flavours. The coffee is then brewed into Sankt Gallen’s Un, Kono Kuro beer. People reviewed this beer and claimed it was bitter but delicious with a nice sweetness and mellow body.elephant beer

If you have a sweet tooth, there are a number of beers which you may want to add to your wish list. Short’s Brewing Company created the Key Lime Pie beer; a mix of fresh limes, milk sugar, graham crackers and marshmallow fluff. What more could you want from a beer? Adding to this collection of sweet treats is the Chocolate Milk beer which contains roasted malts with just a hint of vanilla which makes for a reminiscent flavour of childhood.

In terms of festivals there are so many amazing celebrations of beer across the globe. National Capital Craft Beer Festival in Canberra, Australia happens every April. This vivid festival features over 80 local craft brews, treats from local gourmet food stores and advice on the very best pairings of beer and food. Tonnes of live entertainment and giveaways make this the place to be this April.

Olletoober, Ollme, Estonia occurs every July. Showcasing 100 Baltic state brewers, a stunning opening parade, live music and parlour games- this is the perfect mix of all the right things. Music, culture, entertainment and a splash of new, intriguing beer flavours.

Great Japan host their June beer festival in the backdrop of Tokyo. Their three-part celebration serves more than 270 beers. 50 local and 30 international breweries make their mark on this celebration which brings in twenty thousand people each year!

The world’s largest beer festival and most well-known is Munich’s Oktoberfest. This festival runs for 16 days from late September to the first weekend in October. Attracting around six million visitors every year, this festival encompasses parades, tents, rides, performances, costume parties and of course a remarkable collection of amazing beers.

World Records!

  • Aberystwyth is home to the world’s smallest commercial brewery and supplies the pub opposite exclusively.


  • The largest glass of beer contained 1,499 litres of Guinness and was prepared at The Auld Dubliner Irish Pub in Tustin, California, USA, on 21st November 2009.
  • The world’s longest continuous bar is the counter in the Beer Barrel Saloon, which is 123.7m long in Ohio, USA. The bar is fitted with 56 beer taps and surrounded by 160 bar stools.

Please share your favourite beers and beer festival memories in the comment section below. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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