Our favourite romantic gems from around the world… some may not be what you expect!

It’s that time of year again, some people hate it and some people love it. This Valentine’s day we’ve shared some of our special trips that have been romantic for us. Everyone loves a fantastic holiday with some blissful relaxation. Even if the location that you’re in isn’t the most romantic, you can make it as special as you want it to be. Here at Travel Counsellors we have visited so many amazing destinations across the world but it’s not necessarily the typically romantic places you’ll find in this blog… 


This Thai island is called Kho Yao Noi, me and my partner visited this idyllic destination for a yoga retreat. It was simply amazing, the views, the sights, the calming nature of the island is unlike anywhere else in the world.




I visited Marrakech with my partner and we enjoyed a once in a lifetime hot air balloon ride. In front of the Atlas Mountains it was so serene, just floating through the air was an amazing experience. Just as the sunrise was starting to appear we gazed over the mountains and took in our surroundings, it’s something I will never forget.





Last year me and my partner went on a city break to Geneva. We were completely blown away by the stunning backdrop of the mountains and the amazing lake. Our photograph shows us in front of the Jet d’Eau, later we explored the other side of the lake and even went for a swim! Geneva has the perfect mix of scenery, contemporary dining and shopping whilst still retaining the amazing traditional feel in the old town, we loved our visit and will definitely go back. 



One of the most romantic places I have ever visited has to be the stunning Datai resort in Langkawi, Malaysia. We spent five unforgettable nights here as part of our honeymoon, and lapped up the luxury, tranquillity and unspoilt surroundings of this remarkable property. Nestled in the heart of the ancient rainforest, you really feel like you are secluded from the rest of the world, with each lavish room, villa and suite boasting stunning views of the rainforest and Andaman Sea. Our particular highlight (and a memory that will live with me forever!) was our own private candlelit dinner on the beach. They will only do one of these per evening so you literally get the whole beach to yourself, enjoying a four course meal under the most amazing blanket of stars I have ever seen. Heaven! (The picture below shows our beautiful table setting, and my tan!) 




When you think of Cancun, it’s usually crazy nights out and scorching sunshine around busy pools; romance isn’t what generally springs to mind. But when sunbeams are replaced with dark clouds and torrential rain, your holiday might not turn out the way you expected. And not in a bad way. My all-inclusive week in Mexico was filled with delicious meals, cocktail sampling, strolling on the beach, long talks, baths, relaxing in companionable silence and all manner of other things you dedicate little time to at home, and wouldn’t have time for in between slapping on the lotion and frying in the heat. Coming home happier than ever might not have seemed possible after flying 11 hours for some winter sunshine, especially as it was our first holiday together! But we were grateful for a stunning hotel in Secrets, The Vine and in the end, even more grateful for bad weather because it made everything else all the more good.




Me and my partner recently visited Barcelona, and it really is the perfect place to explore with your loved one. It is ideal for foodies and people who want both a city and a beach break in one holiday! There is so much to do and so many side streets to stroll down – you never know what you’ll find in Barcelona.



Me and my husband visited Kalkan in Turkey. This photograph was taken before we became parents which is why we look so young and fresh! We really loved Kalkan, it’s a beautiful little gem with great food, beaches and culture. 




My most romantic day was in Manchester (surprisingly!). It was on my birthday last year when my boyfriend moved here from Sweden on that day to be with me.

Hayley and Johannes


Romantic destinations don’t have to just be Paris and New York, please share your favourite romantic destinations with us, we’d love to hear them! Happy Valentines Day from Travel Counsellors! 




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