Top six things you must see in Paris

If you fancy a trip to the French capital, make sure you tick these essential sights off your bucket list. Macaroons and fresh baguettes aside, there’s plenty of exploring to be done in Paris!


A white jewel overlooking the rest of the city, the Sacre Coeur is a must visit in Paris. The cathedral stands at top of the Montrematre district and requires either a trip on the funicular or a steep walk to visit it. Regardless of how you get there, the view is well worth the effort. Prepare your cameras for the perfect photo opportunity; on a clear day you can see up to an incredible 30 kilometres over the picturesque city.

The building began its story in 1873 as a monument to honour those that died during the Franco-Prussian war, and eventually was completed after the First World War in 1919.

The best time to visit is during the early morning to avoid the majority of the crowds – and what better way could there be to start your day exploring Paris?

Opt to stay on the grounds and listen to the street musicians or head inside the church for view of the stunning interior. Spiral steps lead up to the dome where you’ll see the largest bell in Paris, weighing a whopping 19 tonnes. Unfortunately you can’t take photos inside the church but the memory of the sights will stay with you long after your visit!

Seine Boat Ride

When hopping between the main attractions in Paris, you’re sure to see the river Seine meandering through the heart of them. Most of the landmarks in the city are concentrated around the river. Luckily this means seeing the city from the water is possible; giving you a new perspective on the sights.

There is a lot to look at whilst you glide through the calm waters. You can find a collection of companies near the Eiffel Tower, taking a journey past sights including Notre Dame, the Louvre and the oldest bridge in Paris dating back to the 16th Century, Pont Neuf.

Take a look at your options to find the best trip for you. Whether it’s a romantic sunset meal for two or a trip that includes audio guides in a variety of languages, you can find the boat that will help make your holiday in the capital that little bit more special.

Marais Neighbourhood

Located just around the corner from the Pompidou Centre, put time aside to explore this maze of cobblestone alleyways. The architecture of the neighbourhood is stunning; giving you a feel of what Old Paris once looked like.

Historically the beauty of the neighbourhood showed the status of the wealthy Parisians that once lived there. As they started to leave the area a bohemian grace took over, making way for its modern reputation as a district packed with quirky yet chic boutiques, galleries and the best restaurants in Paris. The area is also one of the most famous Jewish Quarters in Europe and still maintains its strong traditions.

Get lost in these narrow streets and see what hidden gems you come across. If you want to feel like a local, take the time to sit in a quaint café and people-watch with an afternoon coffee.

Cathedral of Notre Dame

There’s a good reason Notre Dame pulls in over 14 million visitors every year. The Cathedral is a magnificent example of French Gothic architecture and worth the visit for anyone heading to Paris.

Notre Dame is thought to have begun construction in 1163. However, it was badly damaged during the French Revolution and needed to undergo extensive renovation work in the mid-17th Century. Visitors can climb the bell tower to overlook the neighbourhood and come face to face with the gargoyles surrounding the top of the structure!

Inside the church are a beautiful collection of stained glass works, sculptures and oil paintings. Guests of the church must be quiet whilst inside, giving you a serene feeling as you admire the vast interior.

The Louvre

Start planning for this one – the inside of the Louvre is enormous and is a place that you can easily lose hours while exploring the vast halls. It’s easy to get lost so make sure you plan what you’d like to see before heading there. Keep in mind to find a route that passes the most famous pieces; you wouldn’t want to miss the famous Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo.

A true landmark of the city, there’s so much to see inside that it cannot be missed by any tourist in Paris.

For an extra delight, head to the square outside during the night. The triangular glass entrance is lit up and sets a perfect romantic mood with the fountain being framed by the impressive building behind it.

Eiffel Tower

We couldn’t write a list about Paris without including the Eiffel Tower. As one of the world’s most recognisable monuments, the iconic structure offers many delights to tourists everywhere.

If the weather is kind for your trip, be sure to take a picnic and a stroll through the gardens below. The best views of the city are found once you’re at the top of tower, so make sure you appreciate the impressive landmark whilst still on the ground level!

There are 2 platforms you can reach on the tower itself – with the perfect place to send to your postcards from the working post office on the first level. The best time of day to start your ascent is an hour before the sunset. Stay at the top until the sky fully transforms into night and you’ll be treated to a dazzling show as the city lights up in the darkness.

To find out more about holidaying in Paris simply find your local Travel Counsellor who will guide you through this amazing location.

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