Part 3: Our favourite holiday photos!

To celebrate Father’s Day, we asked our customers to send us holiday photos featuring their beloved dads. Here’s a few of our favourites!

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Ellie and her father

Ellie (@Ms_Scatty): Here’s me and dad on a recent holiday. I was paying attention to the tour guide. Honest.

Jenna Keller_Portugal
Portugal (photo: Jenna Keller)

Jenna Keller (@yummymummy299): My fiancé with our son on holiday in Portugal

Gwen Maynard_Isle of Man
Isle of Man in 1952 (photo: Gwen Maynard)

Gwen Maynard (@KookieG62): Dad on holiday on the Isle of Man in 1952

Disneyland (photo: Zozza77)

Zozza77 (@poeywatson): Magical memories with Daddy in Disney!

Australia (photo: Vee)

Vee (@skittleviddy): Every year we spend our holidays together – this was an awesome one in Aussieland [sic]

Sarah Thomas_Swimming
Photo: Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas (@sarahthomas49): The first holiday after both kids learnt to swim – I don’t think they left the pool!

Charlotte and her father

Charlotte (@chooleycharlie): We had a dad-daughter holiday last year, it’s was great to spend some time with him!

Andy Robinson_Portugal
Lagos, Portugal (photo: Andy Robinson)

Andy Robinson: Me and my beautiful daughter Laura in Lagos Portugal

Devon (photo: Jules)

Jules (@julesr40): Fond memories with my dad in Devon. He’s given me a lift for the past 50 years!

Isle of Wight (photo: Matt Gibson)
Isle of Wight (photo: Matt Gibson)

Matt Gibson (@mattgibson73): Awesome memories of holiday [sic] with my dad (left) and me (middle). Here we are in the IoW [Isle of Wight]

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