Insider Guide to Barbados: Things to see, do and eat while you’re in Barbados!

Picture Barbados. Are you sinking into bright white sand on the Platinum Coast, headed for those twinkling turquoise waters? Cheering on the cricketers as the glorious sunshine beams down on Kensington Oval? Wandering amongst the exquisite colonial architecture in historic Bridgetown?

Wherever your mind wanders to when you picture Barbados, welcome to our mini destination guide to this charismatic island paradise. Oozing laidback Caribbean charm, Barbados is a delightful combination of spectacular coastlines for sun-worshippers, brilliant green landscapes for the adventurous, and heritage spots for culture fiends.

In our guide, we’ve chosen a few of the things we think you should see, do and eat while you’re in Barbados. We hope it inspires you to journey to Barbados time and time again and taste a little of Bajan life.

Happy reading!

Read our mini destination guide to Barbados online here

Barbados Destination Guide

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