Exceptional Mexico

When considering a far-flung exotic holiday destination, Mexico always ranks near the top of the list. And while this may well be because of the truly exceptional luxury holiday resorts nestling against the picture perfect beaches of Mexico’s Caribbean coast, this country is able to boast so much more besides its tropical sands.

From the party hotspots of Cancun and Playa del Carmen to the exclusivity of Nuevo Vallarta and Playacar, across over ten thousand kilometres of the Mexican coastline, there’s a resort to amaze and astound beach lovers of all vMexicoarieties. But while the scintillating sands of the Caribbean coast are beloved by millions, the Pacific coast of Mexico is simply awe-inspiring. Where else but Mexico could you snorkel in crystal-clear waters while humpback whales break the glistening surf?

To experience Mexico, it’s important to spend time uncovering the timeless mysteries of some of the country’s earliest civilisations. Mercifully, some of the best examples are just a short journey from some of the Yucatan Peninsula’s most popular holiday resort centres. The site of Tulum is best visited shortly after sunrise, when you get a real sense of the majestic of the city. But if you visit just one, Chichen Itza is a simply spectacular experience by anyone’s definition.

Many people visit Mexico and don’t venture further than its developed Caribbean coast and the mystique of the most prominent Mayan sites. These people might never know the joys of truly authentic Mexican villages, towns and cities, and their warm and welcoming inhabitants. From the bustle of Mexico City to the colonial charm of Oaxaca, Mexico has wondrous treats in store for those who go beyond the fringes.Mexico

The coastline along Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is some of the finest in the Americas. Not only will you find immaculate white sand beaches and some of the world’s best waters for diving, but there are fascinating Mayan sites to explore.

Mexico has a cultural heritage spanning back over ten thousand years – and many of the region’s earliest civilisations left a mark which remains to this day. You’ll never be far from an ancient Mayan city or a grand Aztec settlement.

Forget what you think you know about Mexican food – the chain restaurant fayre is a world from the truth. While exploring this incredible country, don’t leave without trying chilaquiles, pozole and tamales. But of course, the enchiladas are the best you’ll ever taste.

Beyond the blissful beaches and humid jungle mountains, Mexico City remains one of the most exhilarating cities in the world. In a metropolitan area numbering over 21 million people, the city is energetic, diverse and an absolute must visit on any extended Mexican itinerary.

Lisa Pocock, Travel Counsellor loved her trip to magical Mexico…

Lisa PocockI experienced the Xcaret Mexico Espectascular show. It’s acted out by 260 performers and portrays the traditions and history of Mexico through ages right up to modern times, amazing! Tickets can either be purchased for show only or can include a meal which I would recommend out of the two options as the show is quite lengthy.



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