Discover a vibrant nightlife and food scene unlike anywhere else in Singapore

Singapore is well known for its diversity, variety and brilliance in culture, gastronomy and entertainment. If you’re looking to explore a vivid night-life scene and some remarkable cocktails then Singapore boasts a number of opportunities to do just that. In the world of food, Singapore caters to all palettes with cuisine from around the world and an array of restaurant styles. In this blog we share just some of the highlights of the nightlife and food scene in Singapore and give you some inspiration on where to visit.

There’s a cuisine for every taste and budget. Local street fares offer a delicious melting pot of Singapore’s diverse cultures, while the country’s vibrant fine dining scene has emerged as one of the world’s most exciting, featuring many celebrity chef restaurants. New restaurants are constantly opening and we’ve picked out just a few for you to explore. You can also visit hawker centres to feast on an array of local food at affordable prices.

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  1. Corner House  

Housed in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the French-inspired haute cuisine at this year-old restaurant by Jason Tan, former executive chef of Sky on 57, is labelled ‘gastro botanica’. The star dish from the eloquent tasting menu showcases Tan’s toothsome interpretations of his favourite vegetable, Cevennes onion, in four ways: onion puree, tart, chip and tea. There are also plenty of options for meat eaters, all prepared with the same attention to detail and brilliance.

corner house

  1. Restaurant Labyrinth

Restaurant Labyrinth is arguably the most inventive restaurant on this blog. Self-taught chef-owner Han Li Guang takes familiar local flavours and gives them an avant-garde spin. A highlight is ‘chili crab’, which arrives as deep-fried soft shell crab with sweet and spicy chili crab ice cream, ethereal crab bisque foam and gritty man tou (Chinese bun) crumbs intended to resemble a beach. You can choose from one of two menus, ‘discovery’ and ‘experience’ and so your Singapore tasting adventure is tailored to you.


  1. Cure

Andrew Walsh has started his journey into carving a niche in bistronomy. In an elegant but minimally embellished space at Cure along Keong Saik Road, the chef taps his British/Irish heritage to distil dishes like beetroot cured salmon in a Scottish-inspired almond soup flecked with cucumber, parsley oil and vanilla snow. Cure has an affordably-priced fixed menu, which changes monthly, also showcasing Irish ingredients like Galway oysters and John Stone beef.



Top picks- Bars you wouldn’t want to miss!

  1. House of Dandy

House of Dandy encapsulates the opulence of the roaring twenties perfectly with its slick interior – think Oscar Wilde’s quotes scrawled on the walls, Tom Dixon designer lamps, and British Airforce Spitfires-inspired chairs – and an extensive whiskey list!



  1. Sum Yi Tai

Housed in a heritage shophouse, this restaurant-bar follows a retro 1980s Hong Kong theme. Chinese tapas – like crispy roast pork and XO carrot cake – is served on the ground floor, a dining club is located on the second floor, and on the third you’ll find a private rooftop bar.


  1. The Library

This hidden gem features a quirky front door which is cleverly disguised as a large bookshelf, and you need to know the password to gain access (but don’t worry, you can just ask the neighbouring British bistro!). When you enter, you’ll be greeted by dim lights and a sleek copper bar top. The drinks are fun and served in unique glasses, like a little bathtub in the case of the Shrub-A-Dub-Dub cocktail.



  1. 1-Altitude

Elevate yourself up and away from the bustle of the Central Business District at the city’s tallest bar. Standing at 282 metres above sea level, this three-in-one venue houses a fully al fresco bar (that’s 1-Altitude), award-winning restaurant Stellar, and dance club Altimate. Between 6pm and 8pm, head up to the highest level for a glorious sundown soiree that’s filled with summery cocktails, jazzy beats, and, of course, a breath-taking view!



If you would like to find out more about the exciting cuisine on offer and the fantastic night-life in Singapore then please contact your Travel Counsellor today. There is a huge variety of hidden gems, hip bars, amazing dining experiences and tasty treats to sample in this city, you can pick what suits you most and allow us to build an itinerary around your choices. Whether you love the hustle and bustle of the city centre or you prefer a quiet garden retreat to try out some new flavours, you can make your journey to Singapore the trip of a lifetime. 


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