Are these Canadian lakes the most picturesque in the world?

With bright turquoise waters, sparkling, snow-capped mountains, and twinkling skyscrapers, these nine lakes make for epic photographs. Are they the most beautiful in the world though? Take a peek and see if you agree!

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7 beautiful Great British holiday destinations

Whether you have a spare weekend coming up or a two-week summer holiday to fill, pack your bags and get ready for a Great British adventure!

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Top 8 things to do in Vienna

If you are looking for a city break or even a week in a diverse and exciting location then Vienna should definitely be a consideration. This vibrant city has a whole host of character in its art and music, food and its community. As a city break it shows variety and adventure awaiting around every corner, this blog looks at just some of the exciting memories you can create in Vienna.

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Discover Vienna

Vienna is the beautiful capital of Austria which lies in the country’s east on the Danube River. It is both artistic, historic and contemporary all simultaneously. You can experience a whole wealth of experiences within this fascinating city as it has something for everyone.

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31 things to do in California

Wondering what there is to do in California? If there’s enough to keep you occupied whilst you’re there? We’ve collated a month’s worth of ideas to help you plan where to go and what to see. So whether you’re stopping over in Los Angeles for a few days or spending a month driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, here’s 31 things to try whilst you’re exploring California…

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