California Dreamin’…

And the skies were sunny for our prestigious event where California quite literally came to Manchester. The red carpet had been rolled out, Oscar was glittering at the door and the Bucks Fizz was waiting to receive 35 Travel Counsellors who would be spending the day on the beaches, in the national parks, drinking the wines and experiencing the adrenaline of California.



The state-wide Tourist Board partners of Visit California had taken a stroll to find their star on the Walk of Fame and then turned TC HQ into the American Dream just in time for the eager Travel Counsellors to arrive.

A welcome breakfast gave the perfect chance for them to absorb the atmosphere before a TC first – a live takeover of TCTV. A welcome speech set the mood before Visit California opened the show which turned out to be an interactive session with a full audience. Quizzes, prizes and amazing facts about the featured destinations, questions and answers, videos as well as a few laughs started the day in earnest and the education began.


A Californian themed lunch with tacos, sunny buns and yum yums and then onto the PowWow where the TCs sat with all the regions to get a better understanding of all that California has to offer.


It’s a destination rich in holiday opportunity with a variety of back drops to suit.


  • Crave outstanding natural beauty? Head for the National Parks or mountains
  • Seeking urban exhilaration? Be excited in the cosmopolitan cities
  • Travelling with a family? Have the adventure of their young lives


  • Yearn for some freedom? Road trip on scenic highways
  • Need to indulge in sumptuous luxury? Laid-back, pamper perfect destinations abound
  • Want to be entertained? Be dazzled in Tinseltown


  • Worked hard on that bikini body? Feel the sand between your toes
  • And when all that holidaying makes you peckish, satisfy every appetite with incredible food and wine experiences wherever you venture



At nearly double the size of the UK, California has so much to offer and your holiday can be crafted to include as much or as little of it as you like.


Visit California did an incredible job of inciting wanderlust in all attendees, thanks to the incredible destination they were showcasing. There are so many corners, so many places you’ve possibly never heard of and so many more things to see and do. So why don’t you start exploring California today?

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