7 exciting ways to capture your travel memories

We look forward to our holiday all year round which means when we finally arrive we want to document and remember every second. Often having our cameras and phones firmly in our grasp we try our very best to keep a digital record of our travels so we can look back on them in years to come and share with our friends and family. Instead of taking a few hundred photographs with the intention of making a lovely photo album- there are other ways to document your travels which you may find more useful and exciting.

Blogs & Vlogs: For the digitally savvy; blogs, journals and vlogs are a great way for you to document your trip in a more detailed way. Take advantage of a morning break in the sunshine and write about your surroundings, how you feel and what you’re looking forward to in that day. Simple platforms like WordPress and Blogger are the perfect starting point for new bloggers, as they are simple and easy to use, acting as a sort of online journal which you can share with your loved ones. Vloggers can do a simple 5 minute video showing their accommodation, a specific view, beach or trip which holds a special meaning for them and this is great way to share with friends and family all the wonderful things you have experienced whilst travelling and really lets them see the place as you saw it.


Journals: For those who want to stay away from the internet during their holidays, why not keep a simple paper journal and a pen with you? By doing so, you can jot down all the significant things that have happened or that you have seen during your holiday. Alternatively, using your phone notes is just as effective and may be more convenient than carrying a journal around.

Postcards: Another fun way to document your travels, and give yourself a nice surprise, is to send yourself postcards home. Simply buy a postcard, scribble a memory on the back and post it home to yourself. Doing this numerous times over your holiday gives you a collection of images and notes when you arrive home which you can save as a keepsakes and share with your friends and family. You could even make these into one big collage as a collection of all your memories in that place! 

Collections: A clever way to tie in your experiences with your travel is to start a collection with some kind of common theme. This could be tickets from your journeys, pictures of food you have eaten, coins from around the world- anything that is lightweight and cheap will make for a diverse collection which builds over the years.

Playlists: Creating a playlist whilst you’re on the beach, taking a trip, attending or event will bring back great memories from your holiday when you return home. Using the Shazam app whilst you’re away allows you to make a note and listen to songs that you’ve heard in different countries whist in restaurants and bars which you can then listen to when you return home. They are also great to add to blogs and vlogs!

Recipe Books: Foodies can document their gourmet adventures in a travel recipe book. After enjoying your favourite meals on holiday you can jot them down in your unique book and then relive the experience in your own kitchen when you get home!

Scratch Maps: Getting a scratch map or scratch globe is a fun way for you to see and share where you have travelled. These fantastic maps are covered in a thin foil which you scratch off as you visit each country. Underneath are bright colours which highlight the places you’ve visited. They are a great conversation starter and a really fun representation of everywhere you have previously visited and places still on your bucket list.

Try out some of these new ways to document your adventures this year and you’ll have some fun and exciting ways to reminisce and share your memories. Feel free to share your travel experiences with us at click here to be in with a chance of winning a £100 Love2shop voucher!





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