*10 souvenirs our Travel Counsellors always bring back from their travels!

The last-minute search for holiday souvenirs. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It’s the final day of your holiday and you’re frantically hunting for an object to remind you of everything you did on your trip. Nothing seems quite right. Sparkly pens? T-shirts printed with palm trees? Wine? There’s too much choice! You settle on the palm print T-shirt. It’s the one. The perfect holiday souvenir of days spent lounging by the sea. Moments later, as you leave the shop? The niggling feeling that perhaps you should have bought the flip flops…

Sound familiar? To help you in your quest for that perfect holiday souvenir, we asked our travel experts to tell us what they bring back from their getaways. So the next time you’re travelling, you’ll already have an idea of what to bring back.

Read on to take a trip to some of our Travel Counsellors’ favourite holiday destinations and find out the souvenirs that make it into their suitcases!

Travel Counsellor Jo Baldwin


My favourite destination: Croatia. The food; wine; architecture; scenery; crystal clear sea; the wonderful local people.

The souvenirs in my suitcase: Local specialities, such as cherry brandy. And local wine, of course! Unique to the island of Pag is Pag cheese. It’s made from sheep’s milk and is really delicious. Also made on Pag island is intricate lacework – it’s amazing craft work.

Travel Counsellor Sally Chilton


My favourite destination: Orlando, especially Disney World because it’s magical!

The souvenirs in my suitcase: Something Disney that you can use every day. I have an address book that I use for work and every time I pick it up it makes me happy.

Travel Counsellor Louise Mitchell


My favourite destination: West Coast of Scotland. I love the Hebridean Princess cruise – the scenery is stunning and experiencing it in the luxury of the Hebridean Princess is a very special thing to do.

The souvenirs in my suitcase: Visit the handmade chocolate shop after you disembark in Oban, and also the distillery for some local Scotch whisky.

Travel Counsellor Ann Margaret Barber


My favourite destination: Nevis, the little sister of St Kitts. It’s a lovely unspoiled island with fabulous people and a laid back atmosphere.

The souvenirs in my suitcase: Rum, of course! It’s a great price and is like bottled sunshine! If you don’t enjoy a tipple, there is a wonderful batik factory on nearby St. Kitts, and it’s great fun to go over there on the local ferry for a day trip (or two).

Travel Counsellor Maria Foxwell

thai 1

My favourite destination: Thailand. In Elephant Hills as we washed and fed elephants. We also stayed on floating tents in the middle of nowhere surrounded by water and jungle with no phone or internet access for 2 days and spent quality time with our beautiful girls.

The souvenir in my suitcase: Something from Jim Thompson’s silk shop in Bangkok.

Travel Counsellor Karen Williams

Sri Lanka

My favourite destination: Sri Lanka, it is my little bit of heaven on earth. I have been to many wonderful places but none have stolen my heart like Sri Lanka.

The souvenir in my suitcase: Ceylon tea

Travel Counsellor Helen Bush


My favourite destination: India. Such diverse scenery, as well as fantastic food, history, culture and beautiful people, and it has such a lovely spiritual side to it.

The souvenirs in my suitcase: Pashminas and scarves

Travel Counsellor Kerry Vidler

New York

My favourite destination: New York. It will always hold a special place in my heart as that’s where my husband proposed to me on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day evening.

The souvenirs in my suitcase: Designer shopping from Woodbury Common [outlet centre]

Travel Counsellor Peridot Harrison


My favourite destination: Peru. It was such an adventure doing the Inca Trail and the food, the people and the amazing views over the Andes made it a trip of a lifetime.

The souvenirs in my suitcase: Alpaca (llama wool) goods such as scarves, throws, shawls…they are all amazing! (And cheap!)

Travel Counsellor May Swan-Easton


My favourite destination: Alaska. Scenery that takes your breath away with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers and forests as far as the eye can see. Wildlife close-up encounters, fresh air, myriads of stars and the Northern Lights. It’s the one destination that I’ve visited that exceeded all of my expectations.

The souvenirs in my suitcase: Hand-carved masks and totem poles are native to coastal Southeast Alaska and make great keepsakes. And Alaskan wild berry jam.

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