Why should you have your own Travel Counsellor?

  1.       We know our industry and can offer personal experiences

Our Travel Counsellors all have a vast knowledge of the travel industry and most have extensively travelled themselves. Your Travel Counsellor will be able to advise you on the best locations, tours and hotels to suit you. We also have a number of specialists on certain countries, alternate holiday types and in resort teams to help make your holiday a seamless and fantastic experience from start to finish.

  1.       We build genuine relationships with our customers

Not being part of a huge high street company allows us the luxury of time. This means we can take the time to get to know you, what you love, what you hate and what your dream holiday looks like. With no pressure or obligations from a wider company to worry about we can simply focus on finding the perfect package for you at the best possible price.

  1.       Time saving, we do all the hard work for you

As independent Travel Agents you know that we will work hard to find you the best price and we have plenty of resources at our fingertips. A global network of other Travel Counsellors, a fantastic head office to advise us and help out on complicated bookings, and our in-house, state of the art booking system. No more spending hours on the internet trying to find the best hotel, the best flight and transfers then making them all fit- we do all the hard work for you so all you need to do is relax and look forward to your break.

  1.       We have the resources to fix problems fast

Sometimes inevitably problems will happen. Things such as flight cancellations, natural disasters, political unrest all can occur at any time and are completely out of our control. With Travel Counsellors you benefit not only from your very own go-to person to call in emergencies but you also have the head office team who monitor situations around the globe and immediately act in times of crisis. Travel Counsellors go that extra mile to make sure firstly that problems don’t occur by checking with your hotel, airline and tour guides etc. that your booking is correct and they are expecting your arrival. However, if a problem does arise then your Travel Counsellor will do everything possible to resolve the issue without you having to lift a finger.

  1.       Value for money, personalised service, bespoke holidays and added extras

Booking through us ensures the best possible value for money, each aspect of your holiday will be tailored to suit you- all with financial protection. With us, it’s personal and each holiday we book we want to be absolutely perfect with no stress for our customers. We will take care of things like luggage labels, checking into your flights and giving you a quick call to check if you have any questions before you go and afterwards. We want you to love your holiday and we will work hard to make sure we achieve just that.

  1.       Cutting edge, always have brand new offers and destinations

Our in-house booking system has a full team of highly skilled developers working on it around the clock to ensure Travel Counsellors have access to the latest deals and best possible prices. Our connections with airlines, tourist boards, cruise lines and destination management companies around the world allows us to stay well connected, in the know and always bringing out the latest and greatest rates for our customers.

  1.       We are independent and therefore offer genuine and impartial advice

We don’t need to worry about high street company pressures, pushing sales on a particular destination or getting numbers to fill a certain airline or hotel. You let us know where you are thinking of visiting, or if you are open to ideas then we can help inspire your choice. We start by getting to know exactly what you want from your break and then we build it into a reality.

  1.       We take the time to get to know your preferences

We don’t have a time limit and would never pressure you into a decision or rush you into a booking. We work around when is convenient for you. If you’d prefer to run through options in the evenings or weekends then that’s not a problem. As independent Travel Agents in a home working environment we have the flexibility to work around you. The key is that you are happy at every stage of the process and we don’t mind if you want to book a holiday the very same day or if we plan the trip of a lifetime over a number of weeks!

  1.       You get a holiday built around exactly what you want, where you want, at the price you want

No pushy sales staff, no flash internet offers or dodgy deals; you simply get to visit the place of your choice. Whether you are travelling as a couple, a family or a group we can build bespoke packages to suit each person’s exact needs. High street companies don’t have the access to the travel industry or the flexibility that we do, it’s this that allows us to create the perfect holidays at the very best prices.

    10.       We share an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship

If you loved your holiday, loved our service and wouldn’t want to go back to booking on the high street or online again- then we have done our job. The value in our service is unlike any other travel company and we are confident you will see that if you decide to call your local Travel Counsellor. We want you to have a genuinely fantastic holiday so that you can share your experience with your friends and family who we can then help too. There is no catch, we love travel and want to share that passion with you.

To find your local Travel Counsellor and run through some of your holiday ideas please use our search bar in the top right. If reading this article has made you wish you could run your own travel business from home then visit our recruitment site for more info (http://recruitment.travelcounsellors.com/gb/why-join/) or call: 0800 987 0279


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