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As a company whose values are centred around providing the best customer service, on a daily basis, we have some fantastic success stories. We will ensure you get the best possible experience right from the first point of contact because your happiness matters. Our family of Travel Counsellors all share the same DNA, the same passion and the same drive for perfection which is how you know that you can rely on us. Arranging travel can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. As travel experts we can offer impartial advice from our own experiences and draw upon the wealth of knowledge from Travel Counsellors around the world. Every detail of your dream holiday will be carefully looked after at every stage so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your well-earned holiday. Here are some of our favourite examples showing just how Travel Counsellors set the bar higher and offer an unrivalled level of tailored customer service.

Sometimes it’s not just problem solving and attention to detail that wows our customers, Katrina Smith shows just how much of an impact a thoughtful gesture can have!

“I had two different clients both whom booked surprise holidays as Christmas presents. The first client and his family are very keen Baseball fans. I organised their road trip to Florida (unbeknown to the two children and the clients’ wife). I checked all the different Baseball games at the times of their stay and gave an itinerary to the client for all the games he could take in whilst there. I then printed out the logos for each team they were going to see whilst on holiday and put them into a Christmas stocking, along with a fridge magnet from Kennedy Space Centre, a guide book to Florida, a Rubik cube to keep them entertained during the flight. Last of all, I put the gold envelope containing all the details of their holiday into the stocking. I put it right at the bottom so it would be opened last and the family would get the anticipation and wow factor I hoped for. The father of the family, my client, emailed me to say his family were over the moon and he couldn’t believe the time and trouble I had gone to.

The second family I booked for Santa Lapland for December 2016 (the two children had no idea). I bought some hand warmers for the children, put them in a Christmas box with a letter from Santa saying how one of his elves had told him they would be visiting next year, how much he was looking forward to seeing them and that he had sent them some hand warmers because it’s so cold where he lives. The client said – you should have seen the children’s faces when they opened that box!

The great thing is I also got so much out of going the extra mile for my customers!”

Mel Hartley proves booking with a Travel Counsellor as opposed to the high street just might be the difference between a fantastic holiday or missing the flight!

“I had a group of 26 departing from Manchester on the 11.15 flight to Orlando with Virgin, this was my first booking with the group so I wanted to make a great first impression. I have stayed close with them from beginning to end and as the group is mainly adults with learning difficulties I have made time to visit their community centre in Halifax.

I arranged to meet them at the check in desk to reassure them with the extra requests of wheelchair assistance etc. They were due to arrive at 08.00, they texted me to say they were stuck in traffic, no problem I said just let me know when you are closer. At 09.15 they texted again to say they were at a standstill and they were panicking, how long did they have? I reassured them not to panic because I had already checked them in the day before so all they had to do was drop of their bags!

I was beginning to get a little anxious as I knew there was no way I could allow them to miss this flight. It’s not what you know it is who you know, it’s a good job my husband could get me the duty mangers number for Virgin! Andrea explained that they had until 10.15 as the check in desk will automatically close down and then it would be up to the captain to re -open it. Brilliant I thought, if needs be I would have to speak to the captain as there was no way I was turning them away. 09.50 I parked my car and they rang… Mel, Mel we are here… I said I can see you I will be right there. I ran to get trollies with the staff, and we piled the cases high!

I proceeded to the check-in desk to advise they were here, everyone was getting quite stressed, I just started getting the cases off one at a time and putting them on the scale and shouting their names. We were done, I then had them all taking their jackets off and putting them over their arms before they got to security. It was so emotional to see how excited they all were. They just kept saying thank you thank you, are you coming… I wish I was I shouted as I waved them off! It was eventful but what a feeling, I got in my car and said out loud ‘That is why you book with a Travel Counsellor’. If they had booked that on the high-street they would have missed that flight.”

As a whole and as individual Travel Counsellors, we care and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best experience both booking and on holiday. Bespoke itineraries, cruising, beach breaks, adventure holidays- you name it. Whatever you have in mind for your holiday, your local Travel Counsellor will show you how much they care by providing an unrivalled personal service.

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