Make your holiday weather proof with these top tips

You’ve arrived at your holiday destination, you’re lathered in sunscreen, with your shorts and sunglasses already on. You’re getting ready to pick up a suitcase which is bursting at the seams with beach towels, vests and swimming trunks. But, then it rains… Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee good weather even in the most popular holiday spots. And, undoubtedly, it can be a huge let down when the rain starts hammering it down on a holiday that promised soaring temperatures and sunny skies. Arguably, it’s even worse when you have kids with you too, but don’t panic. Whilst bad weather can throw a spanner in the works, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun on your holiday.

The key is preparation. In all likelihood if you do encounter a patch of bad weather, it won’t last the entirety of your holiday. So, you just need to have a back-up plan for what you can do if the weather turns bad. Here are a few tips that will stand you in good stead should the skies open on your travels…

Research indoor activities near your location

Before you set off it is worthwhile looking up some indoor activities near your resort. Even though you’ve got your fingers crossed for a beach holiday, it does no harm to know what you could do if the weather turns against you. Whether it’s a museum, bowling alley, or shopping centre – you’ll know where to head when the clouds creep in. If you don’t get a chance to do this, then ask a local whilst you’re there. They should be able to tell you what you can do, and where’s best to go. Remember to check the forecasts before you go too, so you’ll be able to see what may lie ahead.

With kids? Rainy day box

Children are understandably less patient, so it can be challenging if you encounter bad weather abroad. Of course, you’ll want to make sure they’re having a brilliant time, so if you make a few pre-trip preparations, you can ensure they enjoy their holiday whatever the weather. One great idea is to create a ‘rainy day box’. This is a box full of fun games, activities, and crafts that comes out when the weather turns grey. Pack your box to the brim with your children’s favourite activities. For example you could include colouring books, jigsaw puzzles, cards, board games, or arts and crafts. This box could be used at home too. The more it’s used then the more your children will look forward to using it when they see the weather turning bad. You could also ask your little ones to suggest ideas for the box, so that they’ll feel even more invested in the idea.

Enjoy some activities in your hotel

Most hotels will have bars, lobbies, and a selection of activities to keep guests entertained. Everyone will be in the same boat if it’s raining so make some new friends at the hotel bar, and treat yourself to a drink (it is your holiday after all). Grab a bite to eat at the restaurant, catch up on some much needed sleep, or enjoy a lazy day watching movies in your room. Look into what events your hotel has to offer too. There’s a decent chance that there may be some shows on offer, activities for the kids, or entertainment to keep you busy. As Brits we’re well accustomed to the weather letting us down, so if it ends up following you abroad – use this advice to still have a fantastic time.

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