Macao – The most exciting destination of 2016!


For those in the know, Macao has always been one of Asia’s most vibrant and exciting destinations. It’s a place where street noodle stalls stand just a few blocks away from high‐end luxury hotels, and baroque churches rub shoulders with Taoist temples.

Macao’s unusual mix of Chinese and Portuguese cultures, its stunning architecture and its unique take on fusion cuisine – possibly the world’s original fusion cooking – make for a unique experience. And now this former Portuguese outpost, which became a Special Administrative region of China in 1999, two years after its near‐neighbour Hong Kong, is set to become one of the hottest destinations of 2016. That’s because newly released film, Now You See Me 2, the sequel to 2013’s Vegas‐based Now You See Me, features Macao as the exotic backdrop to much of its exciting action.


Now You See Me 2

The film showcases Macao’s impressive skyline, luxurious hotels, clubs and casinos, steamy local cafes and atmospheric winding streets and markets to maximum effect as its stars wind their way through the city on their latest high‐octane magic‐fuelled caper.


Director Jon M. Chu says choosing Macao as a setting for the latest instalment of the film franchise was a perfect backdrop: “From the very beginning we knew we wanted to take the Horsemen to a place where mystery and magic are woven into the history. Macao is an extremely exotic, beautiful, strange mix of Portuguese architecture and Chinese culture, with Las Vegas thrown in for good measure. Everywhere you point the camera is gorgeous.” 

This beauty isn’t lost in the movie and we think it is going to make Macao a big draw for stop‐overs en‐route down under, or as a two‐ or three‐night addition to a Far East holiday.


The not‐to‐miss sights of Macao

Climbing the 330‐metre tall Macao Tower is a must‐see. It offers tremendous views across the Pearl River Delta. If you are feeling brave, take a Skywalk around the outside of the tower. Or the seriously fearless can try a mast climb or the bungee jump! 

The Macao Tower stands in stark contrast to the Historic Centre of Macao, which is UNESCO World Heritage listed, its beautiful Portuguese and Chinese buildings flowing out from the elegant Senado Square.

Now You See Me 2’s producer, Bobby Cohen, says: “The architecture is a really interesting cultural mixture. You see Portuguese art‐deco buildings from the 1930s next to more modern Asian structures and then, in a different part of town, it looks just like Vegas.”

It’s true that few Asian destinations can beat Macao for sheer entertainment value, from cool rooftop bars and a vibrant club scene to the glitzy casinos and world class shows. Don’t miss the spectacular House of Dancing Water, a breath‐taking spectacular at the City of Dreams.



A Magical Destination

But Macao is not all glitz and glamour. The Now You See Me 2 movie also makes the most of the more traditional side of Macao, with action-packed scenes in the bustling streets and markets that are an equally important part of Macao’s unique character. 


There really is something for everyone here. When you want to kick it back a notch, Macao offers a wonderful choice of elegant spas. Or go south out of the city to Macao’s southern countryside and explore the picturesque hills, rural villages and relaxing beaches. And the food scene is renowned throughout the region, from Michelin star dining to local cafes, traditional dim sum to some of the best Portuguese food outside Portugal.


Macao – A fantastic alternative stop‐over and a wonderful destination in its own right. Contact your Travel Counsellor for more information about visiting.

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