A Taste of Singapore in 5 Dishes

Singapore Botanic Gardens. National Gallery Singapore. Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling. Are they all on your holiday checklist? Well, we have a few other things to add to that to-do list – and they all revolve around food! Trust us, there’s so much to taste in Singapore, it’s definitely worth creating a list of restaurants to visit and dishes to sample.

The blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian ingredients, cooking methods and cultures have created a mouthwatering fusion of food unlike anywhere else. And the latest generation of chefs have added another dimension to Singaporean cuisine, Mod-Sin. The tantalising dishes that make up “Modern Singaporean” cuisine fuse local dishes with innovative techniques and ingredients. It’s a foodies’ paradise!  

Tempt little ones with the excitement of using chopsticks or pulling apart crabs. And delight foodies on a mission to try anything and everything with exquisite flavours they’ll want to recreate when they arrive home. 

Read on to find out our pick of Singapore’s must-try dishes…

Kaya Toast: Yes, you might normally eat toast for breakfast at home but this is not toast as you know it! Bite into the gently chargrilled, crunchy layers of toast and you’ll taste a mouthwatering mix of melted butter and deliciously sweet coconut jam. Simple yet utterly satisfying. And a scrumptious way to kick-start a day of sightseeing! 


Do as the locals do and eat your kaya toast with soft boiled eggs and a cup of kopi (coffee).

Laksa: Sweet, spicy and a brilliant shade of orange, this wonderful broth is a delectable feast of flavours. Coconut milk, dried shrimp, prawns and thick vermicelli noodles make up the fragrant broth and it’s usually eaten with a spoon – perfect for scooping up every last drop!


Roti Prata: Until you’ve tasted a mouthful of this warm, fluffy, crispy, flat bread, it’s difficult to understand exactly what the fuss is about. But then you nibble a roti and you understand why it’s so moreish! Crafted from dough flavoured with ghee and stretched until it’s paper-thin, roti prata is fried so that it’s gently crispy but still chewy, a little like a thick pancake. Use your fingers and dip your roti prata into your curry, it really is absolutely magnificent!

rati bread

Hainanese Chicken Rice: Known as Singapore’s national dish, this is chicken with rice – but not as you’d expect! Heady chilli sauce, fragrant ginger, fluffy rice and juicy, bite-size pieces of chicken create a delightful combination of flavours that’s both comforting and exciting. It’s a scrumptious, child-friendly dish that will delight little ones and big kids too!

chicken rice

Chilli Crab: Inside the metal bowl, drenched in a vivid red sauce that’s a mouthwatering blend of chilli, tomato, sambal, vinegar and egg, sits a succulent crab. It sounds like a simple dish but the mix of sweet, spicy and savoury in the sauce makes this meal impossibly moreish! Chilli Crab is known as Singapore’s unofficial national dish and it’s the one we really think you should taste whilst in Singapore!


Dig in by starting with the pincers, and don’t forget to mop up the mouthwatering sauce with soft and fluffy steamed buns!

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