8 things you must do in Jamaica

Jamaica is truly a remarkable landscape with stunning turquoise waters, gardens of vibrant coral and soft sands. Sheer mountains and huge banana groves, this land is one of richness and beauty in every way. There are a few ways to make your time here truly unforgettable, here are just eight of them…


Bob Marley Museum, Kingston

Bob Marley’s Uptown home is full of amazing memorabilia including his gold and platinum records and his favourite shirt. Travellers can even explore his untouched simple bedroom, adorned with objects of spiritual significance to the artist and see the hammock which he laid in to seek inspiration. Gazing at the distant mountains from this spot your eye is then drawn to the intimate and modest surroundings which had such an impact on Bob Marley. 

bob marley

Calabash International Literary Festival

The last weekend in May, Treasure beach explodes with activity as poets, lyricists and writers from all over Jamaica descend. The Calabash International Literary Festival takes over the quiet fishing village and showcases music, poetry, and readings of the very best literary work around the world.


Climb Blue Mountain Peak

Start your journey on a night hike to Jamaica’s highest point to see the sunrise of a lifetime. Your path would be lit by beautiful fireflies, views and memories that you will cherish forever! As you climb, the vegetation becomes less and less tropical until you reach the summit and watch the first rays of sunshine wash over the forest and mountain peaks.


Crocodile-spotting in Black River Great Morass

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, this is a fantastic way to explore the wilder side of Jamaica. Setting off by boat in the Black River Great Morass you get the chance to glide past spidery mangroves and trees and take in the surrounding wildlife. Your tour guide will explain the variety of wildlife within the area, share stories and local tales whilst pointing out the powerful crocodiles.


Rafting the Rio Grande

There is no better way to raft in this area than by moonlight. You could raft the Rio Grande Valley, from Berridale to Rafter’s Rest at St Margaret’s Bay and take in all the breath-taking beauty in-between. These trips are actually quite affordable and make for a truly romantic experience, unlike anywhere else in the world.

River Tubing Safari 2

Swim at Frenchman’s Cove

Fed by cool clear water from a natural spring, the small river that flows into the sea at Frenchman’s Cove, near Port Antonio, makes for one of Jamaica’s most picturesque settings for a swim. The river’s flow will naturally draw you out into the warmer sea water for what feels like a natural and gentle aqua therapy session. 


Discover the glowing waters of Falmouth

The phenomenon of bioluminescence in the ocean is one of life’s most stunning sights. One of Jamaica’s least publicised attractions is another night time activity which is just a five minute boat ride from a small marina near Falmouth. Gaze upon the bright green and blue waters which have a stunning and hypnotic power. You even get the chance to take a dip in this magical water and immerse yourself in the essence of Jamaica.


Make the most of the views

Lush Jamaica is much more than just a sunny beach destination. High in the hills of the Blue Mountains are working coffee plantations and acres of beautiful land just waiting to be explored. Lying high in the mountains is Lime Tree Farm which has four guest cottages and a local chef who prepares authentic Jamaican cuisine for travellers. Whether you visit this farm or not, make sure you do at least one hike to the higher points of Jamaica and take in the inspiring views.

To find out more about Jamaica and creating a bespoke itinerary to suit your travel ideas then get in touch with your local Travel Counsellor. 


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